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Digital Media & Design

Web Design & Management:

Technology has changed the way people and businesses operate, from computer laptops, to smartphones and iPads people are turning to the web. At Next Line Designs we work with you on your ideas and collaborate to bring a final presentation of your website.

  • Start up 

  • Collaboration

  • Website Design

  • Content  Management

  • Consulting

Social Media Management:

Social Media has taken over, from Facebook to Twitter, Instagram to YouTube.
These social media sites are driving today's networking and advertising.
Not everyone has time to manage their own businesses social media page, so we do it for you.
We will meet with you to collaborate on what it is you are marketing and advertising to then put it out to the world of Social Media.

  • Custom Facebook & Twitter cover photo designs

  • Brand Development

  • Advertising

  • PR

  • Marketing

  • Facebook Management

  • Twitter Management

  • Instagram Management

  • YouTube Management

Picture Videos:

Info Coming Soon

Video Editing:

Video is a great way to capture your targeted audience and make them see what your brand is, our digital media production services works with you to collaborate on a video production that will keep people coming back. From concept to collaboration, development to final cut.

  • Picture Slide Shows

  • Videography

  • Video Production

  • SD card video's to DVD

  • Memorial/Picture Videos

  • Video Editing

  • Portfolio Reels

  • Collaboration

Graphic Design:

We specialize in designing materials that catch the eye and make you want to stop and look, our graphic design services help you communicate and spread the word about your business and brand. 
There is no limit when it comes to graphic design.

  • Creative Design

  • Business Cards

  • Brochures 

  • Flyers

  • Posters

  • Logos

  • and more



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